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Composer Paul Frankhuijzen born in the Netherlands, 1956 has studied the following subjects:

Analogue Studio Technique with J.Vink and Sound Signal Processing and Psychoacoustics with drs S.Tempelaars at The Institute for Sonology in Utrecht.
Composition with Daan Manneke and Alexandru Hrisanide, at
the Brabant Conservatory, which he concluded with success in 1995. He attended many workshops and lectures, with among
others Louis Andriessen, Theo Loevendie, Tristan Keuris,
Luciano Berio, György Kurtág and Rebecca Stewart.
Ensemble Directing with Martien van Woerkum, and orchestra
Directing with Jac. van Steen (as practice teacher).
Two years of singing lessons in Early Vocal Music.

Paul is intrigued to work with different disciplines and to
incorporate those in the composing process. Thereby the main
theme is not confrontation, on the contrary, it is the
inspiration. It is a blend of cultures.
Ad ‘Johakyű’, compose for Tomoko Mukaiyama (piano, voice)
and Monica Germino (violin), he make use of old lyrics as
philosophical elements from the Japanese NÔ theater.
For the Mondriaan string quartet he composing 'The Office
Tiger'. It’s has two influence the India culture as well western

Paul is also inspired by early music. The chamber-opera
Peripteron is a example, composed for November music
festival. It is a confrontation with old mythical layers of 
emotional throughout the present. The Sumerian Hymn (800
v.c.) and the Homeric Hymns are important elements in this
piece. For Schola Cantorium he composed ‘Romancero’
commissioned by dr. Rebecca Stewart. The lyric is one large
collection of the Spanish period of approx. 1040 up to the 17th

He makes special program’s for
museums such as Van Abbemuseum,
Museum de Pont. Together with Judith
Leysner and the Sandberg Institute
they make the movie installation
‘Mouvement’. For the pantomime group
van Steen he composed ‘Fantasia’ the
performs took place at museum
Beelden aan Zee and Cobra museum.

His oeuvre comprises over forty
musical pieces, for solo instruments,
chamber ensembles and orchestras.

Frankhuijzen has worked with leading performers such as,
Mondriaan quartet, Mantangi quartet, Monica Germino /
Tomoko Mukaiyama, Quink vocal, Aart Strootman, Fie
Schouten, Goska Isphording, Quartuor Axone. Ken Gould.
The Roentgen Connection.


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