Paul Frankhuijzen

piDutch composer / visual artist
piPaul Frankhuijzen is intrigued
ieto work with different disciplines and to
ieincorporate those in the composing process.
ieThere for the main theme is inspiration and
ienot confrontation. It is a blend of cultures.
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Featured works
Chamber opera

It becomes clear that Paul
Frankhuijzen has an interest
in early music.
The performers are confronted
with the mythical stratification
throughout the centuries.
An opera in which sacral rituals
as well as contemporary
complexity merge into one
sole sound.

String quartet

The tittle comes from American/
Indian internet company which
supplies 'back office' services.

That collaboration and those
cultural connections were for
Paul the reason to compose 
'The Office Tiger'.

It's a musical touch between
East and West.

Piano, voice and violin

This titel comes from the
Japanese No theater.
The meaning is introduction,
development and finale.
These elements have a great
inspiration on the composition

Media art

Echo's is like a landscape on canvas with architectural lines of disappeared structures.
Frames without skin and human soul but still with their timeless connection of the collective memory.


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