The Office Tiger (2009) 16:30'
string quartet, raagini digital or tanpura
commissioned by Mondriaan Quartet
Coma The reflex of the respiration (2007) 15:40’
picc/fl.  fl. 2 ob. 2 Bb cl. 1 B cl. 2 bsn. 2 Bb tpt.
2 trb. vln.I. vln.II. vla. vc. d.b.
Coma (2006) 14’
alto recorder, viola da gamba. harpsichord.
commissioned by November music
Free score
Yaku Eda (1996) 12:30’
clarinetto Bb, bassoon, c trompet, trombone 
violin, double-bass, percussion, speakvoice
text: Japans Hiku
commissioned by Het Bonsai ensemble
Eda Samazama (1996) 11:30’
violin, alto saxophone, piano
also possible flute, alto saxophone, piano,
flute, Bb clarinet, piano.
Free score
Zappen Zapp (1995) 20’
windinstruments,  electric Guitar, double-bass,
rhythm section picc./fl.  fl. Eb cl. Bb cl. B. cl.
Elec. gi. A. sax. T. sax. B. sax. 2 c tpt. 2 trb.
T tuba. d.b (with amplifier)  marimba. 2 drums.
commissioned by Brabant Conservatorium 

Duecento (1994) 7:30’
string quartet

0052 The first impulse (2016) 9:30'
Bass clarinet, soundtrack

0051 Private room (2016)
piano, Bb clarinet,violin, cello

0050 Another view (2016) 10'
string quartet

0048 Mouvement (2013) 11:00
saxophone quartet
commisioned by Axesjazzpower
Free score

0047 Slow intensity (2013) 11:20'
piano, violin
Free score

Painting for piano
(2012) 6'
Free score

G minor
(2011) 16:20'
recompose sonata no. 1
G minor for violin J.S.Bach
Commissioned by
November music / Jheronimus Bosch 500
Free score

Painting for viola
(2011) 4.30'
Commissioned by
Novembermusic / Jheronimus Bosch 500
Free score

Painting for cello
(2011) 7.30'
Commissioned by
Novembermusic / Jheronimus Bosch 500
Free score

Painting for guitar
(2010) 5.30'
commissioned by Aart Strootman
Free score

Painting for violin (2008) 6.40'
Free score

Nocturno I (2007) 3:50’

Nocturno II (2007) 3:45’

Signo Pulso (2004) 12’
commissioned by de Toonzaal
‘s-Hertogenbosch for the week of bells.
Free score

Eventail de Mademoiselle…
(1998) 9’
alto saxophone
Free score

One big pasture (Eén grote weide) 
(1998/ revised 2006)  8:30’
Free score
Estampie (2006) 4:50’
alto recorder, bongo set
commissioned by Maurice van Lieshout
Free score

In Voce  (Canto X. 2006) 3:30’
2 barok tenor trombones.
Free score

Due Voce (Canto X. 2006) 2:30’
barok Alt trombone / barok tenor trombone
Free score

Fantasia (2004) 7’
2 cellos
commissioned by De Groep van Steen
Free score

Johakyû (2001) 14’
soprano, violin, piano
lyrics: from  Japan No theater Adachigahara
commissioned by Kees van de Wiel
Free score

By the waterside
(Aan de waterkant) (1998) 11’
for two percusion  performers
commissioned by Stamb
Free score

Handmade by the people of
(1995) 6’
two Piano’s 
(also possible piano and four hands)

Annevoie (1993) 14’
tenor recorder (or d’recorder) percusion instruments
commissioned by Maurice van Lieshout
Free score

The opening (1993. revised 2014) 8:30’
sopraan recorder, alto recorder
Free score 

Combined play (1993) 6:30’
flute, oboe.
Free score

paul frankhuijzen